Bacteria Invade Antibiotics, Transformed Into Superbugs [Video]

Admin | Published 2016-09-09 02:26
Researchers filmed an experiment wherein a white bacteria colony creeps into a black petri dish with vertical bands of progressively higher antibiotic doses. In the time-lapse video, it shows the bacteria pausing when they hit the first band of antibiotic then they slowly made their way into the toxic soap. More and more dots appear and the colony starts growing, moving onwards to the stronger band of antibiotic. This means that the bacteria are evolving and after almost two weeks, they have become resistant to the strongest band of antibiotic. They have taken over the petri dish. [embed][/embed] Credit: Michael Baym, Roy Kishony, Rick Groleau, Tami Lieberman, Rick Groleau, Remy Chait/Harvard Medical School Tami Lieberman, MIT evolutionary microbiologist, says that evolution is just conceptual for most people. She and Roy Kishony, her PhD adviser at Harvard Medical School wanted something that would make the superbugs’ evolution more concrete.  "The goal was to see evolution, not to abstract it," she says "Getting more people to understand how quickly bacteria evolve antibiotic resistance might help people understand why they shouldn't be prescribed antibiotics. The drug resistance is not some abstract threat. It's real," Lieberman said. The report was published in the journal Science.
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