NASA Captured Three Major Hurricanes From Space

Admin | Published 2016-09-01 10:56
USA Today reported that cameras fixed outside the International Space Station (ISS) has captured amazing footage of 3 hurricanes just spinning their way through the Atlantic and Pacific. Hurricanes Madeline and Lester are seen in the Pacific while Hurricane Gaston is in the Atlantic Ocean, as seen on the video below. As of this writing, Hurrican Medeline has already have downgraded its level to tropical storm as reported by the National Weather Services although heavy wind and rain are to be Weather Service Wednesday, but heavy rains and winds are still expected.
Although Hurricane Lester is around 1,000 miles from Hilo, Hawaii, it is still possible to hit the island. On the other hand, Hurricane Hermine has been causing floods in parts of Florida which resulted storm warnings across the state, the Weather Channel reports. The time lapse video of these hurricanes features the individual eyes along the swirling clouds as the ISS passed 257 miles above.sed more than 257 miles above the Earth. Are you affected by these? Hopefully not. Let us know you're safe by commenting below.
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