Record-breaking: 34-KG Giant Pearl Discovered By Fisherman In The Philippines

Admin | Published 2016-08-25 13:43
Palawan island, Philippines – a fisherman found what would probably be the world’s biggest pearl. Plot twist: he didn’t even know it! For a decade, the 75-pound pearl was tucked in, safely hidden, under a bed, enclosed inside a bag. The fisherman and his family rub their hands as ritual before heading out to the sea. They believe it would bring them luck, explain Aileen Amurao, a relative. Also works as a tourism officer, Amurao said that a man gave him the said pearl for safekeeping just last month. The fisherman, moving to a new place, thought it would be safer with her.  

The still-to-be-authenticated find is said to be the largest in the world and would likely be valued in excess of $100 million US. (Herald Hugo/PPTO via Associated Press)

The pearl, placed on a bench, in Amurao’s home took weeks until she found out on the internet about how rare the pearl is. She was surprised to find out that it has potential to be the world’s biggest being at 2.2 feet long and a foot wide. It has an estimated value of more than $100 million US. The fisherman, who do not want to be identified, found the pearl with his father and siblings. It was spotted inside a giant clam that took refuge on a boat’s anchor, Amurao explains.

The giant pearl was found by a fisherman 10 years ago and kept under his bed. He gave it to a relative for safekeeping when he moved. (Herald Hugo/PPTO, via Associated Press)

Say what?! Amurao also states that the fisherman, together with his family, has decided to surrender the pearl to the city mayor, who then had it showcased in a glass enclosure at Puerto Princessa city hall. It had been attracting tourists since then. What a relief for the fisherman! The fisherman is scheduled to receive a some of money for the discovery. University experts have showed interest in checking out the pearl but no confirmed date has been agreed upon. This is not the only giant pearl in Palawan, Philippines as a 20 pounder was found way back in 1939. Currently it is sitting in a hotel located at the central resort island of Boracay. Other giant pearls have been discovered as well.
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