5 Ways To Remove Rust With Items Lying Around The House

Admin | Published 2016-08-24 10:35
As researched, and stumbled upon, ApartmentTherapy.com posted awesome ways to remove rust. Rust, who wants it? They sneak up whenever metal meets air. From pots to pans to furniture, they just show up whenever your stuff is unattended. Well, what if we tell you that you can remove them with simple household items? Not with magic, not with prayers, but with SCIENCE. Salt & Lime: Sprinkle a pinch or 2 salt on the rust, squeeze lime over the salt until you see soak. Sit it out for 2-3 hours, remove the rust by rubbing with the lime skin. Can also be done with lemon. This is our favorite since salt and lime works well with Tequila! White Vinegar & Aluminum Foil: Dip aluminum foil unto white vinegar and simply scrub away the rust. Baking Soda & Water: Put baking soda onto the rust, apply water, scrub with toothbrush. Vinegar Soak: Simply soak overnight, and let the rust drip the next day! Potato & Dish Soap: Cut a potato in half, dip the exposed end in dish washing soap (can be substituted by baking soda), apply the soaked portion to the rusted area, rub away! It is important to keep whatever it is you are de-rusting to be dry afterwards. It is also a preventive measure so that it will not gather rust again.
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