Black Holes Might Be Happening Right On Earth Every Millennium

Admin | Published 2016-08-23 11:45
IFLScience reports that although this is weird news, it is possible that microscopic black holes, that were conceived during the very early stages of time itself, are twirling through the fabric of space like intergalactic bullets. Some weigh as much as our moon, others like asteroids, more of them in between. Most would be in smaller size than a nanometer. Sounds like Star Trek, but it may true Our astrophysicists are still human, in drought of logical explanation, and only know that roughly 80% of it is dark matter, which then employs gravitational pull on the remaining ‘normal’ matter side of 20%. Yet, this is still invisible to experiments for almost a hundred years. Devices have been deployed to sought out dark matter particles, both underground and in space, but tough luck, empty results turn up. This has pointed researchers to a scary notion that we are practically being surrounded by infinite number, or maybe just a lot of them, of black holes that were born 13.8 billion years in the past. Alexander Kashlinsky, a NASA cosmologist reported, “On the dark matter particle side of the spectrum, the range of possibilities is narrowing down quickly” to Business Insider and added, "If nothing is found there, and nothing is found in the black hole theater, then we may be in a crisis of science." Say what? To clarify, there isn’t any huge bet on the very existence of the said mini-black holes but the leading clue is that dark matter particles have proven to exist and the search for the said holes are more challenging than expected, as reported on Business Insider.
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