Dogs and Their Weird Behavior Explained

Admin | Published 2016-08-23 04:01
If you’re a dog owner, you probably have heaps of questions in your head. Well, even if you’re not an owner but you happen to interact or even see a dog from a distance, you would still be weirded out with some of their behavior. Thankfully, Julie Hechta, a canine behavioral researcher, and Brian Hare, a Cognitive Neuroscience professor in Duke University, wrote a book titled “The Genius of Books” which will give us an insight to why MoonMoon just can’t shut up in the middle of the night or why Buster loves smelling poop. Here are just some of the bizarre dog behaviors explained:

Do dogs really hate hugging?

We know how much we just love to hug dogs but most of the time, we end up getting disappointed when they won’t return the affection by shrugging away from our embraces. According to Hecht, dogs might be okay with hugs especially when they are familiar with the hugger but they actually don’t consider hugging as a sign of affection. Instead, we should just rub their bellies or pat their heads.

Why do dogs love to hide behind their owner’s legs?

When your 80-pound Rottweiler hides behind your legs and peeks out, do you find it cute that no matter how gigantic he is now, he still acts like a toddler? According to Behavioral Research, dogs interact with their owners in the same way that human babies communicate with their parents. So don’t worry if your dog will scamper behind you, they are just seeking for your comfort. Cats, however, just run and hide when scared.

Why does my dog love to have staring contests with me?

A study revealed that dogs stare longer at dog pictures where the facial expressions matched the sound’s emotional tone which was being played at the same time. So that could very well mean that when a dog is staring at you while you look at him, he is processing the matching emotional signals that you are sending him like a smile. Source: IFL Science
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