'Pokemon Go' And Its 3 Health Benefits

Admin | Published 2016-08-22 10:54
Aside from all the walking, and getting some sun and some fresh air, Forbes.com lists 3 more on top to let us know that playing video games, Pokemon Go in particular, can be beneficial to one’s health, both physically and mentally. Playing Pokemon Go is educational Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go require Pokeballs. Pokestops replenish your supply of Pokeballs. Ergo, you need to physically walk up to these virtual stops to play Pokemon Go. Fortunately, Ingress, Niantic Labs previous game, made interesting landmarks as ‘Portals’. These portals are now converted to Pokemon stops. Yes, Ingress and Pokemon Go sort of share a database. After all they are under the same company. These interesting manuals are your town’s churches, art murals, historical landmarks, old shops, and the likes. Visiting these places not only get you Pokeballs or Razz Beries, they also teach you a bit about your place. Playing Pokemon Go enhances socialization Ever tried hunting for wild Pokemon in Pokemon Go and bump into people and then end up chatting with them? That’s one mental health benefit, not having to be isolated. But in case you are, you would tend to adapt to the social hype and communicate. Playing Pokemon Go provides mini mental breaks Pokemon Go is not a hardcore game, it’s not a basic casual either. It offers a balance of both. This simply means that if you want to get away from stress, you get to conveniently be ‘on break’ and at the same time not get too indulged in the game that you forget about your ongoing work. So there you have it, playing Pokemon Go is beneficial. Just be careful when hunting, watch your step and try not to get run over by a car.
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