Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist: A Cure for Depression?

Admin | Published 2016-08-22 04:12
Do you wonder why you can’t seem to stop using Spotify when listening to your favorite songs or discovering new bands? Well, there’s actually a secret behind all this – Behavioral Psychology. Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist and Release Radar were actually said to be created to get the listeners hooked to using the application more. Explained by Bas Grasmayer, a music strategist: “the perfect "habit loop" was integrated in the playlists. Through a "cue" and "reward" relationship, the subscriber becomes excited for the reward to be enjoyed for a week and wait for another week for another set of reward such as new exciting music. And this becomes a routine.” So how does Spotify playlists cure depression? A Reddit user named ADoucheNamedBag said in a forum comment that to conquer depression, you have to indulge yourself in a negative mood which will eventually “help you understand and overcome it”. He then shared his playlist called “Depression Therapy” which was “made for fits of depression”. Additionally, blogger Carly Stec said that the 6 Spotify playlists – Classical Music, Nature Sounds, Instrumental Songs, Video Game Soundtracks, Pump Up Songs, and Feel Good Songs – will enhance the listener’s brain to release dopamine. Once this is activated, it will push the listener to take action first in order to reach the reward, thus, leading to productivity. Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist is their weekly recommendation of songs based on your taste and of your listening history. You can access the playlist in Your Library or Your Music and is refreshed every Monday. Currently, Spotify have about 30 million subscriptions as of June 2016 compared to Apple Music with 11 million and Tidal with just 1 million. Source: University Herald
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