Can We Save Albatross From Extinction

Admin | Published 2016-08-12 14:07
Seabirds are facing extinction, according to statistics. Approximately, 160 000 seabirds are dying n longline fisheries every year. There are only seven of 22 albatross species which are not facing extinction. But, there is available technology that could help in saving this birds.

The photo was taken by David Tipling, he donated a stunning wandering albatross limited edition print for one lucky donor to win. To be in with a chance you just need to donate $25 or more to the project.

The project aims to test Hookpods in a Brazilian fishery. The Hookpod locks the barb of a baited hook within a capsule until a depth of ten metres when it opens for fishing. This keeps the birds safe as the baited hooks are being deployed into the water. The RSPB and BirdLife international are working on this project with Projeto Albatroz in Brazil. They hope that they will provide vessels in the pelagic longline fleet with Hookpods. Their objective is to create awareness and practical experience of this one stop mitigation measure.

A Hookpod with the hook clipped up inside, showing how the barb is retained and protected

Of course, this project needs funding, so a crowdsourcing project has been set up. They hope they will collect $5000 toward the purchase f this exciting new mitigation measure and reusable LED lights to replace the disposable plastic light sticks that the fleet uses to attract fish to the hooks. The use of these lights, in combination with the Hookpod, could save thousands of albatrosses and petrels each year, and reduce the discard of as many as six million light sticks per year into the marine ecosystem. Follow the link to watch a video about the project and to donate.   source -
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