First Reprogrammable Quantum Computer Is Built

Admin | Published 2016-08-11 16:00
Researchers have built the first quantum computer that can not only be programmed, but, just like a regular computer, can actually be reprogrammed, too. This latest device is only made from five atoms, but it's a huge step towards building scalable, functioning quantum computers that could change the way we process data forever.   Quantum computers have the power to be exponentially more powerful than today's regular computers, which are based on units of information called bits that can either be in a '0' or '1' state. Quantum processors, on the other hand, are made of qubits, which can be a '1', '0', or both at the same time - a state known as 'superposition'. But while many groups have built small quantum computing devices in the past, most of these have only been hard-wired to solve a single problem, and any reprogramming requires complex physics.
This new device is different, because it's easily reprogrammable, and it's already been shown to solve three algorithms in a single step - something that would require several operations for a normal computer to calculate.   The team from the University of Maryland is calling the new device a "module", and it's made up of five ions - charged atoms - trapped in a line by a magnetic field. These ions make up the qubits of the quantum computer, and the researchers could effectively put them in one of the three quantum states - 1, 0, or superposition.
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