Norway Is About To Build An Underwater Suspension Tunnel

Admin | Published 2016-08-02 18:00
Norway, the beautiful Scandinavian country full of stunning landscapes, famous for fjords and mountains. This landscape was created by a succession of ice ages and hasn’t changed much since. The major problem is that fjords make almost impossible to cross some terrains. Bridges are not a wise option because of Arctic freeze, and underwater tunnels are also out since the country’s got a system of deep ravines that can extend for as long as a mile. Until now, the typical Nordic method of crossing a fjord has been a ferry. Though slow, ferries are dependable in a way that more run-of-the-mill means of traversing water just aren’t.

Engineers are currently eyeing one of Norway’s most famous fjords, Sognefjord

If everything goes according to plan, the NPRA will install two curved, 4,000-foot long concrete tubes which would be suspended by pontoons and hang about 65 to 100 feet below the surface. For extra stability, the bridge-tunnel may also be bolted to the bedrock below. At the moment, experts are suggesting that a series of similar installations may help reduce travel time throughout the country by as much as a third. These suspension tunnels would also drastically increase citizens access to emergency services. At the moment, Norway’s ambitious bridge-tunnel deal is set to be completed by 2035. [embed][/embed]
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