The Coolest Chemistry Teacher Performing In Front of a Class

Admin | Published 2016-08-03 12:04
  The people who are not into chemistry usually think that every chemist teacher is kinda  like a Walter White from the famous TV show, Breaking Bad. You now, geeky bad boys and girls capable of cooking meth and doing amazing experiments in front of a class. But in reality, it's different, most of the  teachers or professors are too lazy to do this kind of job or they don't have enough time do practice experiments with children or people they are teaching to. Yea, how to make children love chemistry? Simply, just draw a few molecules here and there, do some math and voilà, every kid will love chemistry and science till the end of their life.

Something like that, oh I've already seen happy faces

  I'm just kidding (this is a bit complex for chemistry starters) but it is true that there is nothing fun about chemistry in school. But wait for a moment and take a look at this awesome teacher! He is performing an art in front of his students. I bet that some kids are coming to his class and when they are sick. [embed][/embed]  
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