Crows - Masterminds of the Animal Kingdom

Admin | Published 2016-08-01 14:01
Let's take a moment and appreciate this glorious birds - crows. In many cultures, they are usually associated with magic and death. But it seems that we are missing the fascinating thing about this birds - their intelligence. According to Ivo Jacobs of Lund University in Sweden and his team, crows are first animals spotted using tools to carry objects.They saw how one crafty individual slipped a wooden stick into a metal nut and flew off, carrying away both the tool and the object. A few days later, another crow inserted a thin stick into a hole in a large wooden ball to move the items out of the room. The team observed four other instances of the crow's clever trick. One of these involved using a stick to transport an object that was too large to be handled by the beak. More research is needed to see whether the birds also use tools this way in the wild. One possible use could be transporting unwieldy food items that they then cache for later, the team speculates. “It is really interesting,” says Corina Logan of the University of Cambridge. “It does seem to be a new form of how they use tools. I am really curious to see if they do this in the wild.” But at this point it is difficult to say whether this is a big advance for animals, says Jolyon Troscianko of the University of Exeter. It is hard to draw firm conclusions from just two crows, he says. [embed][/embed]
Take a look at this video and see once again these crafty birds in action, their skills are absolutely insane.
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