30 Everyday Objects Under A Microscope!

Admin | Published 2016-07-20 16:05
  Have you ever wondered what our everyday objects are made of and what would they look like under a microscope? Sure you did, we all think about that. To answer a fraction of that question we at Wowscience have gathered a list of 30 everyday objects under a microscope and they are all sorted in the pictures below! Enjoy!     A banana     The surface of a vinyl disc     Velcro       Blood cells       Used dental floss       The filament of a tungsten lightbulb       Toothbrush bristles       Toilet paper       The foot of a common house fly       A sutured wound       The split end of a human hair       Spider skin       Snow       Salt and pepper         Salt       Lice       The edge of a postage stamp         Pollen         Pineapple leaf       Pencil graphite       Orange juice       Needle and thread         Instant coffee granule       Human sweat pore       Human eyelash       Guitar string       The foot of a gecko       Fortune cookie       Football jersey       Flea
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