Cognitive Commuting: Olli the Self-driving Vehicle and Watson the Cognitive System!

Admin | Published 2016-07-19 14:04
We have all been imagining a future with self-driving vehicles for a while now, but the truth is you don’t need to leap years ahead to find them. Transportation industry leaders have made some incredible technology breakthroughs that have brought us much closer to the reality of driver-less vehicles. The technology is here, but how will we get passengers onboard? One of the biggest challenges will be the passenger experience. It will be imperative to make using these vehicles easy, fluid, comfortable and safe. Imagine getting into a vehicle and being able to ask questions all about your journey: Where should I go to eat nearby? What is the history of the local historical site? Even questions about how the vehicle works: Why did we slow down? How many passengers can fit?

Local Motors "Olli" & IBM, Weds. June 15, 2016... National Harbor, MD (Rich Riggins/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

By having authentic conversations with riders about their journey the more they will be connected to the technology itself, making them part of the experience rather than an observer. This user experience is the key to making self-driving vehicles a real part of our lives rather than a tech vision of the future. If transportation and technology partners can can combine our understanding of “things” with the understanding of people for richer interaction. [embed][/embed] source -
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