Star Trek Gadgets That Now Exist

Admin | Published 2016-07-11 12:00
    For Sci-Fi fans born around the 70s, 80s, and 90s, a vision of the future was provided by one of the most famous TV franchise in the history - Star Trek! It turns out that this show was a well of inspiration for inventors of all kind. We present you the list of gadgets which we use now thanks to the show.

Universal Translator

In several episodes, universal translator was used for decoding what aliens said in real time. In the later shows, the translator was integrated into the communication badges. Now, there is an app for that purpose. Voice Translator by TalirApps understands 71 languages. You speak in your native tongue and the app translates your phrase into another language.

Tablet Computers

Mr. Geordi Laforge used a device called Personal Access Data Devices or PADDs to punch in the coordinates for the next star system. Other Starfleet personnel used them for fun purposes - to watch videos and listen to music. Sounds familiar.


In the TV show, a tricorder is a handheld device that scans for geological, biological, and meteorological anomalies. Handy! In 2012, Peter Jansen from McMaster University in Ontario built a working prototype that scans for magnetic fields and other interference. And there are lots of other real-world tricorders, too.

Communicator Badge

On the original series, Kirk and crew carried handheld communicators. But in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Starfleet personnel wore communicator badges on the left breasts of their uniforms. A California start-up called Vocera has created a similar device you pin to your shirt. They're used mostly in hospitals to avoid having constant overhead pages.


Captain Kirk was very skilled with a phaser. We are using something similar and it's known as Dazzler. The directed-energy weapon sends a pulse of electromagnetic radiation to stop someone cold in their tracks.


In the world of Star Trek, it looks like many people are trypanophobic (fear of needles) so there is a gadget, hypospray which was sometimes applied on the neck. Presumably, when used in the neck it delivers the medication intravenously or intra-arterially and when used on the arm it delivers intramuscularly. The hypospray could also be applied through clothing.

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