NASA's Juno Mission Hides A Scientific Joke That Took 400 Years To Set UP

Admin | Published 2016-07-06 12:00
  As you might have heard, NASA's satellite Juno has now entered Jupiter's orbit but what you probably don't know is where the name came from.   Juno was an ancient Roman goddess, wife and sister of Jupiter, daughter of Saturn, and mother of Mars. According to mythology, she kept watch over Rome, but in particular women. Jupiter was not a very fateful husband and he had numerous mistresses that did their best to hide from Juno.Most of the moons of Jupiter are actually the names of these mistresses, including Io, Europa, and Metis. They were named more than 400 years ago, by Galileo himself. Now Juno is in Jupiter's orbit and soon it will be underneath the clouds where it will have a good look at Jupiter and uncover it's secrets. Jealous wife returning home to check up on her cheating husband... Who said scientists have no sense of humor?
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